stacks image 315The Daughters of the King is an international religious order of lay church women with chapters in the Episcopal /Anglican Church, Roman Catholic Church, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

A Daughter takes a vow to live her life for God through Prayer, Service and Evangelism.

In addition to conversation with God and praying for one another, Daughters pray daily for their local parish, clergy and parishioners, and they are devoted to learning more about living an effective life for Christ.

There are presently eight members of St. Matthias' Hannah Chapter. They meet regularly for prayer and book study and sponsor various projects for the benefit of the church, including the annual Advent Day of Reflection to which all the women of the parish are invited.

Any woman with questions about the order of Daughters of the King may speak to any Daughter at St. Matthias. All Daughters wear a distinctive silver cross as evidence of their vows. Training and discernment for Daughters of the King is conducted through a 10 week study with one or more of the Daughters.


O Eternal Father, you have sent your Son to teach us things pertaining to your heavenly kingdom.

Give your blessing to our Order, wherever it may be throughout the world. Grant that we, your Daughters, ever may discern your truth and bear the cross through the battles of our earthly life.

Give us strength to overcome temptation and the grace to work to spread your kingdom and to gather your scattered sheep within your fold.

Pour out upon us the sevenfold gift of the Holy Spirit that we may always remember it is your work we are called upon to do, that all we think, do or say may be pleasing in your sight.

We ask it all for His sake, our King and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

The Hannah Chapter normally meets 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at members homes.

Edits, corrections or comments should be emailed to Chapter President, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.